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Cookie Declaration of Conformity (EU)

The website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files, that help us get to know you better and how our site is used. With cookies, we can improve our marketing strategy and the browsing experience. Cookies are stored locally computers or mobile devices. To accept cookies, continue browsing as usual. If you’d like to know more about cookies and how to handle them, read the cookie compliance policies and cookie management instructions here.
Since we use cookies throughout our site, blocking them may prevent certain parts of the site from being used.
The cookies used on our site are categorized according to the guidelines in the DPA cookie guidelines. We use the following categories on our sites and online services:

Absolutely necessary cookies
These cookies are absolutely necessary to browse the site and use the services. Without cookies, some services such as shopping carts or e-billing can not be used.

Power-Related Cookies
These cookies are used to collect information about how websites are used, such as which pages you visit most frequently. By collecting data, we optimize our site and make navigation easier for you. With cookies, we can inform our partners, if they have come to their site from one of their sites and find out whether or not they have bought a product or service after our stay on our site and, if so, what. Cookies do not collect personal identification data. The data collected by the cookies is aggregated so they are anonymous.

Manage cookies
Cookies can be managed by specifying the cookie settings.

Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
Select Settings.
Click Show Special Settings.
Click the Content Settings button in the Privacy section.
Under Cookies, select one of the following options:
Delete cookies
Disable cookies by default
Allow cookies by default
Keep local data until I leave the browser
Cookie and Site Data Exceptions

Mozilla Firefox
Open your Firefox browser and click Options on the Tools menu.
In the Privacy and Security section, select Cookies.
You can choose from the following options:
Block cookies
Allow cookies of the original page only
Allow cookies
Notify the user before storing cookies

Safari 5.1 (OS X Lion)
Select the Safari menu and then Settings.
Click Privacy.
In the Cookies Block section, specify whether to accept Safari cookies from sites and, if so, when.
You can get help by clicking the help button (question mark) for each setting.

Note: To see which sites are storing cookies on your computer, click Details.
If you disable cookies in your Safari browser, you may need to temporarily enable them to open pages. Repeat the steps above to select Never. If you no longer use the site, disable the cookies again and remove the cookies for this page.