Our business

Our family business was launched in 2004 to distribute products, that help to establish a healthy lifestyle.

As physicians have encountered many cases in which we have seen, that we can improve everyday life by improving the patient’s well-being through balancing the body through sport, or just balancing out a stress-induced condition.

We felt a great need for a proper nutritional supplement, that we could offer to our patients.

At that time, we met with the reputable Dutch manufacturer, Winclove BV, and having seen their professional attitude and wide experience in this field, there was no question that this would be the right solution.

Our products are carefully selected, and now we are able to offer many years of experience behind this product range. We would like to continue to represent quality on the market, both in our products and in service.

We are expanding our services with counseling, so we can help dietitians in the field of dietetics.

We hope to receive your confidence, helping you and your family to shape a healthy lifestyle!