Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I. The Data Controller

1139 Budapest, Forgách street 19
Company Registration Number: 13252719-2-41
Tax Number: 13252719-2-41
Bank Account Number: 11702043-21101151-00000000
NAIH No .: NAIH-115150/2017

II. The legal basis for data processing

Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information, self-determination and freedom of information law

III. Data management related to orders and registration

III.1. The scope of the data being processed and the purpose of data management

Your first and last name and address: Your identification, billing and delivery. E-mail address and phone number: You will be contacted by phone for the quick and easy delivery of the data you need to contact us.

III.2. The legal basis for data handling

The legal basis for data handling is your consent

III. 3. Duration of data handling

We will handle your data until it’s withdrawn. You can cancel your registration, by e-mail at at any time.

  1. Electronic Newsletter

By subscribing to electronic newsletters (emails), you agree to receive a newsletter from us. The newsletter provides information about our products and our promotions, on a weekly or monthly basis. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time, by visiting the link found there, or by sending an email to

  1. Access to data and data security measures

V.1. Access to data and transfer of data

Your personal data will be managed by our IT staff in order to perform their duties. Your personal data will not be passed on to other data controllers, not forwarded, and the courier company will only know the name and shipping address needed for delivery.

V.2. Data security measures

The personal information you provide is stored on our servers at our registered office. For storing your personal information, our Company does not use the services of other companies. Our Company will take appropriate measures to protect your personal data, including against unauthorized access or unauthorized modification. For example, the logging of personal data stored on the server is closely monitored, whereby it is always possible to check who, when, what personal information they have access to.

VI. Your Date Protection Rights

VI.1. The right to request information

You can ask for information in writing, via the contact details given in point I:

– what personal information,
– what legal basis,
– what data management purpose,
– what source,
– how long do we handle it,
– to whom, when and by whom, what personal data we have access to or to whom we have provided personal information.

We will be happy to complete your request within a maximum of 30 days of the letter sent by you.

V.2. Right to rectification

You may, in writing through the contact details given in point 1, request that we modify any of your personal information in writing. Your application will be completed within 30 days and you will be notified by email of this.

V.3. The right to cancel

You can contact our Company through the contact details given in point 1 in writing, to delete your personal information. Your application will be completed within 30 days and you will be notified by email of this.

V.4. Right to protest

You may, through the contact details given in point 1, object to the processing of data in writing, if we would pass on your personal data for direct marketing, public opinion research or scientific research purposes.

VII. The right to enforce data management.

Initiating court proceedings

You may initiate a civil lawsuit against the data controller in case of illegal data handling you are experiencing. The trial is the responsibility of the court. The lawsuit can be initiated before the court of your place of residence (see the list of judges and contact information, via the link below:


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