Terms of Purchase

Terms of Purchase

I. General information, contact
By ordering from our webshop, you are in contact with Progastro Kft. (Company Registration Number: 13252719-2-41, Tax Number: 13252719-2-41, Headquarters: 1139 Budapest, Forgách utca 19.) with the exclusive Hungarian distributor of Progastro food supplement products.
If you have any questions or comments about your order, please contact us at:

The webshop operator is:

ProGastro Kft.

1139 Budapest, Forgách street 19
Company Registration Number: 13252719-2-41
VAT number: 13252719-2-41
Bank Account Number: 11702043-21101151-00000000
NAIH No.: NAIH-115150/2017

II. Order, payment, delivery
For information on the essential properties of the marketed products, see the detailed product information page for each product. The prices shown in the webshop are always given as a gross total, ie. including 27% VAT. Delivery costs are charged separately. No packaging and other charges are incurred.

Is registration necessary?

Registration for purchase is optional. We recommend registration as it simplifies your purchasing, in terms of viewing them, deleting them, or adding to them.

How do I order?

After filling your basket with your desired items, you then simply choose how many pieces you want from the product. You may want to continue purchasing by selecting additional products. Go to the checkout button to see how much the selected product will cost. Then you need to enter the data for the delivery and accounting.

You have the following payment options:
Bank transfer in advance
Payment via courier service
Personal Collection

In order to complete the purchase, you must accept these Terms and Conditions in each case!

Payment methods, acceptance options

The products you order can be collected personally from our office, or delivered by courier service.

For courier service, the package is available:
– payment by pre-payment (bank account number: 11702043-21101151-00000000, delivery will be initiated upon arrival);
– payment by credit card at the time of purchase on the website;
– cash on delivery, ie. payment due on delivery by courier in cash. The cash payment has a cash handling fee.

Our courier courier service is delivered by GLS.

Delivery rates:

Between 0-11,499 HUF: 1,100 HUF,
Above 11,500 HUF: free!

Cancellation fee:

Between 0-11,499 HUF: 500 Ft,
Above 11,500 HUF: free!

Personal Collection at our office:
After confirmation. We can only handover prepaid products for personal collection.

III. Right of withdrawal
From the contract to the product, in the case of several products being sold, when the products are delivered at a different time, the last item delivered or the most recently delivered item, if the product has to be delivered regularly over a specified period of time, or within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt by you or any third party of your choice of carrier other than the carrier. The right of withdrawal shall also be exercised between the date of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of the goods.
You may exercise your right of withdrawal by sending a clear statement of withdrawal – by submitting your statement to one of the above mentioned contact details by post or by e-mail. In the event of doubt, you have to prove that you have exercised your right of withdrawal properly.

If you are legally withdrawing from the contract as described above, we will refund the total amount you have paid, including the costs incurred in connection with the performance, within the 14 days following the date of your withdrawal, in the same way as your payment method. By your express consent, other forms of payment may be used for refunds, and therefore you may not be charged any additional fees. If you specifically choose the mode of transport, that is not the least costly mode of transport, we are not obliged to reimburse any additional costs.
In the case of a contract for the sale of a product, we may withhold the amount to be refunded until you have returned the product or have no doubt that you have returned it; whereby the previous date must be taken into account.

In the event of your withdrawal, you are obliged to return the product to us within fourteen (14) days of the cancellation of the product, or as soon as possible. Returns are considered to be delivered within the deadline if the product is delivered before the deadline. You will bear the direct cost of returning the produc.

Please note that after discontinuing the product, you will not be able to exercise your right of withdrawal.

We will not be able to reimburse a product, where the seal has been broken.

IV., Warranty Rights

  1. Warranty

In the event of a failure of transaction by the seller, you may initiate a claim against the company in accordance with the Civil Code.

What rights do you have by virtue of your warranty claim?
You may, by right, have the following warranty claims:
You may request correction or replacement unless your choice of one of these is impossible, or you would incur a disproportionate additional cost. Whether or not you have requested a repair or replacement, you may request a proportional delivery of the consideration or you may correct or correct the error at the expense of the company, or you may repair or otherwise terminate the contract or, in the latter case, terminate your contract. You will be able to switch from one of your eligible assurance rights to another, but you will bear the cost of the migration, unless it is justified or the business has given cause.

What is your deadline for validating your claim?
You are required to report the error immediately after discovery, but not later than within two months of discovering the error. At the same time, I would like to remind you that, beyond the two-year limitation period following the performance of the contract or after the expiry of the deadline for the product’s term of protection, you will no longer be able to enforce your warranty rights.
You can enforce your warranty claim against us.

What other conditions exist to enforce your warranty rights?
Within six months from the date of delivery, there is no other condition to enforce your warranty claim beyond a delivery error, if you certify that you have purchased the product from us. However, after six months from the date of delivery, you are required to prove the defect you have detected has already occurred at the time of delivery.

  1. Product warranties

How long does your product warranty right exist?
In the case of a defect in the goods (product), you may, at your option, make a claim on the product, as specified in

Section 1.
What rights do you have on your product warranty claim?
As a product warranty claim, you may only request the repair or replacement of the defective product.

In which case is the product considered to be defective?
The product is defective if it does not meet the quality requirements in force, when it is placed on the market or if it does not have the features specified by the manufacturer.

What period of validity can you claim your product warranty claim?
You may validate your product liability claim within two (2) years of the product being placed on the market by the manufacturer. After the expiry of this deadline or the time-limit for the product’s date of preservation, this entitlement shall be lost.

To whom and what other conditions can you claim your product warranty claim?
Your product liability claim may only be exercised against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable product. You must prove the defect of the product, when claiming product liability.

In what case is the manufacturer (distributor) exempted from his product liability obligation?
The manufacturer (distributor) is only exempted from his product liability obligation, if he can prove that:
– the product has been manufactured or placed on the market for non-business activities, or
– the error was not recognizable at the time of producing the product, under scientific and state-of-the-art technological conditions, or
– the defect of the product results from the application of a statutory or mandatory regulatory requirement. It is sufficient for the manufacturer (distributor) to demonstrate a cause for discharge.

I would like to remind you, that due to the same error, you can not enforce the warranty and warranty claims simultaneously. However, in the event of a successful validation of your Product Claim, you may make the warranty claim for the replaced product or its corrected part against the manufacturer.

  1. Warranty

Products sold on our website are not subject to a mandatory warranty under the applicable law.

  1. Complaint Handling

You can report your complaint via email, or verbally by telephone. We will examine the complaint and remedy it as soon as possible. If you do not agree with the handling of the complaint, or we can not immediately investigate the complaint, we will record a report containing the complainant’s name, address and description of the complaint. A copy of the minutes will be sent to the complainant, within no later than 30 days. If you do not agree with the contents of the minutes, you may contact the Conciliation Body (Pest County Conciliation Body, 1119 Budapest, Etele Road 59-61, 2nd Floor, 240) alongside Pest County and Érd County Legislative Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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