the ProGastro brand

ProGastro as a brand


ProGastro Ltd. was founded in 2004, as the exclusive distributor in Hungary for the Dutch company, Winclove BV. ( ), who has been dealing with the development and production of probiotic products for 25 years. Their research is carried out in close co-operation with several European universities. The manufacturing company finds it very important, that the efficacy of their preparations is scientifically sound, and the preparations are proven to be safe and stable. The production meets international requirements. Winclove Bio Industries’ research is regularly published in international journals.


ProGastro Ltd. contributes to maintaining the health of its customers, through the marketing of premium quality, uniquely manufactured products.


It also places great emphasis on providing patients and doctors with high level information. We believe in continuing education, to contribute to maintaining health.


We currently sell 4 different products in Hungary:


What you should know about ProGastro products:


1. A recognized Dutch manufacturer

ProGastro is manufactured by an internationally renowned Dutch company Winclove BV , who has been involved in probiotic research and production for more than 20 years. Together they work with several renowned universities, where they prove their research results through clinical trials.


2. Various bacteria

Different bacteria strengthen the effect of each other, there are functions that can only really be effective in the presence of another beneficial bacterium. A variety of “efficacy” factors in the manufacture of high-quality preparations depend on the composition of the bacteria.


3. ProbioAct ™ technology

ProGastro products are all made with the unique ProbioAct ™ technology, that assures the life and number of bacteria for up to 2 years from production and their survival against the gastrointestinal tract. ProbioAct ™ technology allows bacteria to live in the living, active form of the colon.


4. Powder dispensing

Progastro products are available in powder form. In the form of powder, it comes in the form of more protective substances than in a capsule. Dried bacteria need fluid to be active and this already happens in the glass during ProGastro preparations.