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Do you know what the bacteria in the intestinal tract do and how important are they
in maintaining our health?

Under normal conditions, there are plenty of bacteria and fungi that play a
significant part in preserving our health:

  • inhibit the formation of harmful bacteria,
  • protect the intestinal mucosa,
  • ensure proper absorption of nutrients,
  • reduce the absorption of cholesterol,
  • and contribute to well-being.


Almost 80% of the immune system’s cells are in the intestines!

The intestines of humans are therefore very good friends with these bacteria and fungi. The problem is that these beneficial organisms may, in certain circumstances, become weakened or even die, which adversely affects the functioning of the digestive system and thus the whole organism.

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Why Choose ProGastro Products?

The self-restorative ability of useful bacteria to normal levels is very difficult (if at all even possible), so it is advisable to manually introduce them into the gut.
  • Manufactured using unique, special ProbioAct ™ technology,
  • It contains 6-9 kinds of beneficial bacterial strains, which strengthen each other’s effect,
  • Easy to dissolve, tasteless powder, easy to take, no inconvenience,
  • Gluten-free,
  • Variable number of preparations, high number of germs, adequate amounts of beneficial germs,
  • They do not require cooling, thanks to ProbioAct ™ technology they keep their germs at room temperature for 2 years and remain stable,
  • Manufactured in Holland, by Winclove BV. (Internationally recognized manufacturer),
  • Registered with OÉTI ( as internationally licensed, trusted product),
  • Bacteria found in ProGastro products are certified by the EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority) and have an extensive safety record.

We recommend using ProGastro powder containing live flora, if you:

  • suffer from unbalanced nournishment,
  • follow a diet,
  • you are taking or have taken antibiotics,
  • suffering from gastrointestinal or diarrhea symptoms
  • travel to a “risky” country as regards to meals (eg. Egypt)